In about a month, I’ll start working on this year-end series. So I’m starting to think about which ten trends I’ll focus on. My list, which is built in part from the topics I covered last year, is currently longer than ten:

  1. Business of Ed-Tech
  2. Politics of Ed-Tech
  3. The Collapse of For-Profit Higher Ed (Or Not)
  4. The Employability Narrative
  5. Data and Privacy
  6. Beyond the MOOC
  7. Social Media and Free Speech
  8. Credits and Credentialing
  9. Free College and Student Loans
  10. Mindsets and Social Emotional Learning
  11. Personalization
  12. Wishful Thinking and Futures
  13. Automation and Algorithms
  14. Social Justice and Discriminatory Design

Some of these won’t make the cut. Some of these could be consolidated. And I’ll probably use “Wishful Thinking” as a theme to kick off the series – that is, an eleventh post in the series.

Audrey Watters


Top Ed-Tech Trends of 2016

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