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One of the things that I wanted to underscore in my recent keynote at Davidson College as part of its Indie Ed-Tech Data Summit was how very much I appreciate being part of a group of ed-tech thinkers who write publicly, openly on their own domains. And just look at the stories that have emerged in the past week* from some of the event's participants:

Alan Levine: Indie Ed Tech, Colleagues/Friends, APIs, Unexpected Emergent Ideas, and dot dot dot

Jim Groom: The Personal in Indie; And that, my friends, is the Personal API

Adam Croom: Framing Indie EdTech; Indie EdTech Design Sprint; Indie EdTech: Future and Funding

Audrey Watters: Indie Ed-Tech: Revue/Reflections

Tim Owens: Reflections on Indie Ed-Tech

Tim Klapdor: A Journey to discover what is Indie Ed-tech

Tom Woodward: Pushing/Pulling Data – Thinking Computationally? Differently? #IndieEdTech?

Olga Belikov: #IndieEdTech Personal APIs & The Current State of Ed-Tech; #IndieEdTech Design Sprint;  #IndieEdTech Keynote Reflections

Kelly Flanagan: Indie Educational Technology

Kristen Eshlehman: Indie Ed-Tech

Andrew Rikard: How Personal APIs Let Students Design Their University

Kin Lane: This is How APIs Will Deliver the Change We Need; Indie Ed-Tech, The University And Personal APIs: Drawing Lines In The Sand To Define Our Digital Self

* March 31: I have updated this post to reflect articles published through the rest of the month.

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